Constitutional amendments are a priority, Hoxha says at the founding Assembly of the new party


We are convinced that from this political momentum this will be a vanguard, that is, it will be the most positive political force that will contribute to the future of the country and the long-term processes that await us, especially for the integration of the country into the EU, said the now former deputy leader of Besa, Arjanit Hoxha before the start of the founding assembly of the European Democratic Party.

At the founding assembly of the new political party, which was held in Skopje, Hoxha stressed that the new party will act constructively in the Parliament.

“We are opening a new page in the political scene, a page that will contribute to democratization and the implementation of European values ​​in the political scene,” Hoxha said.

The former Besa official adds that the first step of the party will be the constitutional amendments.

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