Let’s fully open the EU path, which will improve the youth’s lives here, says Kovachevski


Young people are the champions of progress in every society, leaders of new, fresh and bold ideas in which realization we should serve as support. That is why the Government is focused on creating specific measures that will increase the opportunities for youth employment. I encourage the youth – be loud, let your voice be heard, you deserve a future that we – the generation before you – will fight for through bold and statehood decisions, said Macedonian Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski in his congratulatory message on International Youth Day on Saturday.

Kovachevski says that since 2018, over 80,000 young people have been involved in the “Youth Guarantee” scheme, with almost 40 percent of them receiving an employment offer, continued education and training, and internship.

“The Government is responsible to ensure a future for the youth and many more opportunities in the country, not abroad. That is why we are fighting to fully open the EU path, which will improve the youth’s lives here. The time is now to prove that we consider their well-being and that we will not hinder their opportunities and benefits that the EU is providing, so they stay in their homeland,” said Kovachevski.


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