Stoilkovski: Where is the electric car factory in Tetovo that received state aid of EUR 43 million?


DUI and SDS have to answer today where the factory for electric cars is, after exactly one year ago they made an expensive celebration for the supposed foundation stone in TIDZ Tetovo? Let me remind you that on August 13 last year, the entire government of DUI and SDS organized an expensive event to start the construction of a factory for electric cars, with the fact that in 2024 the first electric cars from the Tetovo factory were to be put to use. Dimitar Kovachevski said that 890 well-paid jobs will be created, and after those statements, numbers of 3000-4000 related employments were added in TIRZ Tetovo, noted spokesperson of VMRO-DPMNE Naum Stoilkovski on Saturday.

“After a whole year, instead of a factory, there is a meadow that has not even been mowed. We expect that after this press DUI and SDS, Kreshnik Bekteshi from the position of Minister of Economy and Jovan Despotovski from the position of TIDZ director, will again claim that everything is going according to plan and that the construction of the factory will start soon,” said Stoilkovski.


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