Spasovski: 372 crimes were detected, 440 perpetrators of illegal drug trade reported


In the first half of 2023, 372 crimes were discovered and 440 perpetrators were criminally charged in the fight against illegal drug trafficking, said the Macedonian Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski on Tuesday.

In a Facebook post, Spasovski, sublimating the results for 6 six months, also states that the seizures of cocaine, amphetamine and ecstasy have also increased, namely: 286 kg of marijuana, 7 kg of amphetamine, 3 kg of cocaine and 3,532 pieces of ecstasy.

“A laboratory for the production of amphetamine was discovered, three marijuana transports were intercepted, five criminal groups were suppressed in an international operation in Greece, where 104.6 kg of cocaine were seized. We continue to be accountable and transparent – the Ministry of Interior for the citizens 2023,” said Spasovski in a Facebook post.

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