Ministry of Health: Why is Bekim Sali afraid of the truth?


Why did Bekim Sali lie to the entire public at a press conference? Is that how he wants to cover up that he actually did not act on the case for 8 months and is trying to shift the blame to someone else, asked the Ministry of Health in a press release on Wednesday.
“Does Bekim Sali know who was the minister when the fire happened and who led the procurement procedures for the hospitals, or why is he afraid to mention the names of those who were in office at the time? Why and what interest does he have in twisting the truth and protecting his predecessors?
Is Bekim Sali afraid to say which company built the modular hospitals?
According to the documents in the Ministry of Health, what Sali said at the press conference in which he claims to have terminated the contract with the contractor is a complete and utter lie. On the contrary, Sali not only did not terminate the contract, but accepted the ambulances, thus practically authorizing their payment.So far from the analysis of the internal documents, it can be seen that Sali NEVER TERMINATED THE CONTRACT, he received and approved the hospitals, which automatically approved the payment, and then decided not to pay, which generated a debt and interest of 200,000 euros for the citizens. He is personally responsible for this and he should bear responsibility for this. The Ministry is analyzing legal options to initiate proceedings against Sally in this case,” reads the Ministry’s press release.

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