Customs prevents a Polish national to smuggle MKD 38,000 at Deve Bair


An attempt to illegally export undeclared foreign currency in the amount of 1,890,000 Albanian lek, which is about 18 thousand euros, was prevented, after a Polish national on his way out of the country at the Deve Bair border crossing did not report it to the customs officials, according to information from the Customs Administration.

“The vehicle with Polish registration plates with the passenger and co-passenger were sent for a detailed examination, during which 3,952,000 Albanian lek or about 38 thousand euros were found under the back seats near the tank, in black nylon bags, as well as in personal belongings in backpacks ,” informed by the Customs Administration.

According to the Law on foreign exchange operations, non-residents can take out of the country up to 10,000 euros, whereby the two passengers were returned Albanian medicines in the amount of 20,000 euros, and the rest of the foreign currency was temporarily retained.


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