Legitimacy for constitutional changes is provided by the citizens, not the EU, says Siljanovska-Davkova


MP GordanaSiljanovska-Davkova criticizes the constitutional amendments for the inclusion of Bulgarians in the Constitution. She told Prime Minister DimitarKovachevski and the guests from the Government present in the hall with 61 MPs to adopt the changes, as they did when they voted on conclusions instead of the Negotiating Framework.

“Never and nowhere was the Preamble a guarantee or a place for the promotion of ethnic identities, but it is the philosophy of the Constitution, the spirit, the metaphysics. Well, gentlemen, the spirit is gone. When you change something, not because of the citizens and democracy, but because someone who is protected asks for it, you become ‘Faust’. The normative part has lost its spirit,” said Siljanovska-Davkova.

The MP adds that the legitimacy for constitutional changes is given by the citizens, not the European Union.

“Shouldn’t we ask the citizens do they support these amendments? The Government does not have the competency to undertake obligations on behalf of the Parliament. Especially regarding the fact that the Parliament didn’t vote on the negotiation framework, only on its conclusions”, Siljanovska-Davkova said.

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