Government is silent about the announcements of the new price increases


The high prices of wheat on the world markets, after Russia’s withdrawal from the Agreement on the export of Ukrainian grain, are pushing for an increase in the price, says the bakery industry, and therefore they demand that the state protect the citizens from new price increases and help the business.

Since the end of July, prices on the stock exchanges have increased by 10 to 15 percent for wheat, and there are also increases in dairy and meat products.

Some dairy products are being sold at new higher prices this week. Meat also became more expensive, and fruits and vegetables are sold at higher prices after the thawed margins. Business appeals – economy, not politics, to be the focus of the government.

“The state must have help scenarios. Until now, no quality measures have been taken to protect consumers and businesses. We are extremely exposed to the influence of the stock markets. However, I think there is room for quality decisions in the coming period,” the Agro Chamber said.

About 1,000 products that the state considers luxury will have higher prices starting next month. It has not yet been revealed which products will be more expensive.


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