Bocevski: Snap elections are necessary to get out of the nightmare


Snap general elections as the main demand of the opposition political bloc in Macedonia is justified because the country is falling into a political crisis after support for the constitutional amendments did not provide the necessary 2/3 majority, according to political analyst Ivica Bocevski.
“The elections should have been called after the second round of the local elections. It was clear that the government had lost its mandate to rule, it had nothing to offer. The government does not have a mandate to rule… It looks as if no one is ruling the country, as if we are in some sort of inertia… So a government with a renewed mandate from the citizens is needed,” says Bocevski, former Macedonian ambassador to Brazil.
According to Bocevski, snap elections are also necessary to resolve essential issues such as constitutional amendments.
“If the Government campaigns that this is the best solution and wins 80 MPs, no one will dispute the constitutional amendments. But if the Government suffers a defeat, such as the polls predict, then it is clear that the comments of the public and the opposition were in place,” said Bocevski.

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