Misajlovski: Constitutional amendments will not pass regardless of when they are put to the vote


VMRO-DPMNE deputy leader Vlado Misajlovski says that SDSM is leading the state, but also itself, into a dead end because for a year they lied that VMRO-DPMNE benefited from constitutional amendments, so that at the session on Friday it became clear that not only did they not accept, but also that there are MPs from the ruling majority who do not want to vote for changes.
Now, Misajlovski says, DUI and SDSM will go for the strategy od delaying the voting process until the last day of the term of this Government, because they know that whenever they put them to the vote, they will fall immediately and there will be no other solution than scheduling elections.
“This is a completely wrong approach, it may be good for the top of the government and the businessmen close to them who profit from DUI and SDS, but it is devastating for the people and for Macedonia. In the period leading up to the elections, DUI and SDS will not do anything good, on the contrary, they will continue stealing, and the people will be poorer and poorer. But they forget that while they steal and artificially maintain themselves in power, they lose more and more votes and the next elections will experience their greatest defeat,” says Misajlovski.

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