Prices continue to get higher and higher


At the beginning of the past week, the citizens faced a new wave of food and fuel price increases, and the list of products with new higher prices included some of the dairy products, which rose for the second time in a week.
In July, a family of four needed MKD 48,620 to complete the minimum union basket.
Of these, 20,004 MKD or 44.6% are needed for food and drinks, 13,664 MKD or 30.46% for housing, 3,247 MKD or 7.24% for hygiene, 3,720 MKD or 8.29% for transportation, 2,329 MKD for clothing. and activities, 822 MKD for health maintenance.
In total, 44,853 MKD are needed for all needs, and when the cost of living is added to them, 3,768 MKD, or better said inflation of 8.4%, the sum of 48,620 MKD is reached.”
“There are different approaches to calculating the consumption basket, but they all lead to the same conclusion, the citizens are impoverished,” said the trade unionists.

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