Besimi: Bread prices must not go up


Will there be a new wave of food price increases? The Macedonian Minister of Finance Fatmir Besimi assures that bread prices must not go up. This statement made by Besimi is supported by the fact that the price of wheat this year is not more expensive than last year, and the electricity costs of the bakeries are not higher than last year when the energy crisis was raging.
In the meantime, due to the Russian-Ukrainian relations, wheat on the world markets has slightly increased, but this does not affect the price of bread in N. Macedonia for the time being.
The bakery and milling industry announced that they will give the final word on the price of bread in September.
The price of white bread, stressed Besimi, is MKD 33 and there are no price increases here. As he announced, it is possible that the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, Ljupcho Nikolovski, will come up with a new proposed measure at a government session on Tuesday.

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