Bread prices will not go up, it is just speculation, claims the Milling-Bakery Industry


The price of bread in relation to flour will not change at all, unless energy or electricity prices increase drastically like last year, claims the Milling-Bakery Industry. But in such a case, they expect the Government to react promptly and regulate the prices of energy or electricity at an appropriate level so that, they say, the problem of last year does not repeat itself.

According to GoranMalishikj, the president of the Milling-Bakery Industry Group at the Chamber of Commerce, a lot of dust has been unnecessarily raised over the price of bread in recent days.

As Malishikj stated, the Group, in consultation with the largest industrial producers of bread, determined that the topic of increasing the price of bread is just speculation in the public, driven by the increase in the prices of other basic products.

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