Mickoski says he’s in favor of a leaders’ meeting, but only if it focuses on snap elections


A leaders’ meeting is possible, but only if it focuses on the date of snap general elections and the dynamic of legal changes in terms of the caretaker government. We are ready for snap elections without a caretaker government. This is the only option on the table now, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski on Thursday.
“We had a lot of options on the table in the past. More than a year ago, literally everything was on the table. But, they didn’t manage to do anything. Additionally, in the past year, even though no one asked us when they were making the agreement, we continuously offered potential solutions, such as the Croatian model, delayed application, etc. But, now there’s nothing else on the table, except for a leaders’ meeting over a date for snap general elections,” said opposition leader Mickoski.

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