Marichikj: We have always been ready for a compromise that is in the interest of the country, the citizens and the European future


In an interviewwith TV Sitel News, the Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs BojanMarichikjstressed that they are ready for a compromise when it comes to essential decisions for the citizens and the country, but also that it is necessary to show maturity from the political parties.

“We offer that plan, to vote immediately under conditions that VMRO-DPMNE requires, but to be realistic, not to enter into unrealistic conditions about what Bulgaria would do, what the EU would do,” Marichikjsaid.

He adds that if the opposition needs a political guarantee because legal guarantees are already in the Negotiating Framework, they are ready as a Government to discuss it with European representatives, otherwise “this strategy will park us in the waiting room and we will stay where we were 17 years”.

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