MFA: The company chosen for the OSCE Ministerial Council was far cheaper than the others


Acting on the duties of the Government, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) implemented the procedure for public procurement of works for the purpose in question, fully complying with the provisions of the Law on Public Procurement, respecting the principles of economy, efficiency and effectiveness of the use of public funds, ensuring competition and transparency as well as equal treatment and non-discrimination of economic operators in which four companies participated, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Sunday.

The chosen company had offered by far the lowest price. All institutions and the public have an insight into the procedure and the selection, which is fully in accordance with the procedures, and the decision was confirmed by the second-level Commission. For the planned works, an agreement was concluded in the framework amount of up to MKD 95 000 000, which will be used according to the needs and the individual prices offered as the lowest for the works performed.

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