Miteva: Prices are going up, SDS and DUI are profiting and getting rich on the citizens’ backs


Economic collapse, high inflation and rising prices, that is the policy led by SDS and DUI. In Macedonia, profit is being made on the backs of the citizens, and the government has no plan even though it is directly responsible, VMRO-DPMNE spokespersonMarijaMiteva said at a press conference on Sunday.

“Until some time ago, the Government had an alibi that all this was happening due to external factors, i.e. an increase in the prices of electricity, gas, oil and repromaterials. Today, when prices are artificially increasing, the role of the state, which has the obligation to prevent the price shock, is missing. And if they want, they can and should do it immediately. SDS and DUI profit and get rich, and the citizens pay for the workshop. There is no help, but that is why we have a government that is stuck in crime and corruption,” said Miteva.

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