Kovachevski – Michel: This unique opportunity for continuing the European path must be taken


The commitment and support of the European Union in the European integration process of Macedonia is extremely important at the given moment, for which the message from the EU is clearly addressed, for the importance of the successful completion of the process of constitutional amendments, for the further course of the process of European integration of country, was highlighted at last night’s bilateral meeting between Macedonian Prime Minister DimitarKovachevski and the President of d European Council President Charles Michel in Bled, Slovenia.

“The two interlocutors agreed that the constitutional amendments represent a unique and unique chance for the progress and prosperity of North Macedonia within the EU. The membership of North Macedonia in the EU will have a positive impact on the overall situation in the Western Balkans, and especially in the area of ​​economic development of both the country and the region,” the government press office said in a press release.

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