Police commander who fired a Kalashnikov at a wedding detained by the police


The 30-year-old commander of the police in the town of Ropotovo was detained on suspicion of causing public danger.

Police officers from the Prilep police department in the village of Debreshte arrested the aforementioned police commander of the station in Ropotovo, after a video released on social media showing that on August 19, a Kalashnikov automatic rifle was fired from the balcony of a family house at a wedding ceremony, while in the yard there are multitudes of people.

The reaction of the Ministry of Interior followed more than a week after the opposition criticized the leadership of the Ministry of Interior for not taking measures against police officers and officials who are appointed according to the party affiliation of the ruling parties.

The Department for Internal Control, Criminal Investigations and Professional Standards will initiate a procedure to determine disciplinary responsibility and it will be suspended until a decision is made in the disciplinary procedure, according to the Ministry of Interior.

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