Consumers Organization urges the Government to cap basic food prices


The Consumers Organization of Macedonia (COM) asked that the prices of basic food products be capped.

In a statement Wednesday, the head of the organization Marijana Lonchar Velkova said that food takes up a significant part of every family’s budget, while the increases of their prices represents a burden to the consumers.

According to Lonchar Velkova, the Commission for Protection of Competition should react in order to determine if there is an agreement between the traders after the price hikes on their end.

“We know that capping prices is a populist measure and that we have a market economy, but in situations such as there we shouldn’t wait, we should come out with an accurate assessment and take measures because the consumers are being burdened and harmed. We shouldn’t even discuss this when it comes to basic products, I think. Due to the high prices, many citizens are buying products of lesser quality and lower nutritional value, and the access to basic food products is a basic human right. The consumer must have access to basic consumer goods, especially food – milk, cheese, butter, etc.,” stressed Lonchar Velkova, asked by the media ahead of Wednesday’s presentation of the Toolkit on energy poverty.

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