Macedonians spend 40 percent of their monthly income on food


Macedonians spend about 40 percent of their monthly income on food, and for other things, such as overhead costs, education, culture, tourism, they have 60 percent left, RIA Rating Agency analyzes. It covered 40 European countries, using last year’s data from national statistical services.

The survey showed that the inhabitants of the country do not give up cigarettes and alcohol even in crisis conditions. So, in N. Macedonia, on average, four percent of income is spent on cigarettes and alcohol. There is also money for restaurants, about 3.6 percent for expenses in restaurants, cafes and hotels, while there is less for culture and recreation, about 1.8 percent.

The country is in 37th place on the list, ahead of Moldova, where more is spent on food, about 43.8 percent.

In the category of expenses for cigarettes and alcohol, with four percent, N. Macedonia is sharing the 34th place with Lithuania and Turkey, followed by Serbia with 4.9 percent and Bulgaria with five percent.

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