Pendarovski: Macron never said that the Western Balkans should not join the EU until the Union implements internal reforms


Macedonian President Stevo Pendarovski said that the French President Emmanuel Macron’s statement about reforming and expanding the EU is nothing new, and that he said it five years ago.
We have been following the European integration processes for a while and we know that this is nothing new. Macron says at the beginning of his speech, specifically in that part about the internal rearrangement of the EU, that what I am telling you now, I told you five years ago. This is his old idea of deepening before expansion, or deepening together with expansion, from five years ago,” Pendarovski from Ohrid said Friday.
According to the head of state, in the meantime there is not a single statement by President Macron that the Western Balkans cannot join the EU until the Union implements internal reforms.

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