”They killed my child!” – Heartbreaking testimony of a mother whose daughter died in the Oncology Clinic


DejanaNovakovikj, the mother of a young girl from Skopje claims that her daughter was killed at the Oncology Clinic. Her testimony comes after it became public knowledge that expensive medicines were stolen, and patients were given alternative therapy or just plain saline solution.

“Two and a half years ago, my daughter was treated at the Oncology Clinic. We thought she was being treated, but they killed my child. From an easily curable type of cancer, they fed the cancer with the so-called ‘therapy’. I publicly declare that I will not let it be covered up like everything is covered up in this rotten country! I will not rest until I see them all in prison for life! I post this photo of my angel here so that you know who you killed and I hope it haunts you like a shadow, that you will never have a peaceful night’s sleep just like my family doesn’t!”, said DejanaNovakovikj in a Facebook post.

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