Bulgarians started sabotaging the Macedonian-American Heritage Month in the United States


The Association of Descendants of Refugees and Immigrants from the Territory of the Republic of North Macedonia and Friends, close to the official Sofia, sent a request to the US Congress to reject the Draft Resolution S.Res.311 submitted to the Congress on July 26 of this year by Senator Mike Brown, proposing that September 2023 be declared Macedonian-American Heritage Month, celebrating the language, history and culture of Macedonian Americans and their contributions to the United States.

The request presents the well-known propaganda theses about the non-existence of the Macedonian people, language and, consequently, Macedonian emigration to the USA, and accuses the petitioners of “falsifications and manipulations, related to the past of the geographical region of Macedonia”. It is also said that the Resolution contains “provable lies and is an example of another theft of someone else’s socio-cultural heritage”.

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