Mickoski: They may try to push the changes with a golden flag, but I promise that all of them will face justice


SDSM and DUI are preparing themselves for the opposition, and by these amendments, they want to cover all the crimes they did in the last six years, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski, stating his opinion on the latest SDSM-DUI proposal to amend the Criminal Law.

Under the guises of the so-called European flag, the ruling parties are trying to amend two articles of the Criminal Law, the ones concerning abuse of office and criminal association.

Mickoski warned the ruling coalition that they may push these amendments with a golden flag if they want, but all who violated the Macedonian laws will be held accountable.

“I promise you that immediately upon the fall of this government, all those who were involved in crimes and, of course, there is evidence for that, will face justice”, Mickoski said.

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