Government proposes lighter penalties for abuse of office and criminal association


The Government proposed to the Parliament amendments to the Criminal Code following a shortened procedure, which, among other things, provide for the reduction of prison sentences for the abuse of office and powers.

The proposals are on the agenda of the Commission for European Affairs, marked with a so-called EU flag, meaning they will be passed with a fast-track procedure.

The proposals envisage a reduction of the punishments, that is, if until now the punishment for the abuse of office for the perpetrators who obtained a significant property benefit was at least three years in prison, now it is proposed to be punished with one to four years. In paragraph 5 of Article 353, which stipulates at least five years of imprisonment for abuse of official position during public procurement, it is proposed that the acquired property benefit be confiscated. Instead of three years in prison for malpractice in the service, it is proposed to change the sentence from six months to five years in prison.

In the section on criminal association, instead of the previous penalties of one to ten years, a prison sentence of one to three years is proposed for the one who creates a group or gang to commit criminal acts.

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