Kovachevski announces signing of agreement for the new salary increase of medical staff from public health


This month, the agreement between the Ministry of Health and the Union of Health Workers will be signed for a new increase in the salaries of medical staff from public health, which is the second in a row this year, Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski said on Friday.

“They have made us proud many times in the past years, let’s just remember the first transplant that was performed on a heart in the country, then the transplants performed by the Clinic for Digestive Surgery, the Clinic for Urology and that is something that our country writes down in the list of countries that do the most sophisticated and complicated operations that cannot be done in many countries. They made us proud with that, and it is up to us to give back to all the doctors who are dedicated to all patients 24/7, i.e. to all of us, to thank them and thus show that the state stands by funding everything which means higher salaries, but also provision of better equipment for their work, underlined Kovacevski after the opening of the three new rooms for interventional cardiology and radiology in the “September 8” general hospital.

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