Pendarovski: I don’t think that Macedonians have anything against Bulgarians, they are just fed up with conditions for joining EU


I don’t think that our citizens, especially the Macedonians, have anything against the Bulgarians, but they are just fed up with preconditions and conditioning that no one has had in the history of the EU, said Macedonian President Stevo Pendarovski regarding the constitutional amendments.

According to Pendarovski, the country could join the EU even before 2030.

“I don’t believe that the Macedonians have anything against the Bulgarians and from that position the Bulgarians say nothing in the Constitution, but they say “hold on, this is a long series of preconditions, we have been waiting for negotiations to start for 17 years, there are still demands, maybe tomorrow there will be yet another one, the fifth request from another member state”. And in that part, the citizens are absolutely right. You cannot invent entry criteria anywhere just for you, just for me. The organization has, they call them a basic set of criteria, there are groups, subgroups that are negotiated, it is known exactly what is required. I assure you, ask our citizens to change the Constitution – not once, but 10 times, they will change it if they are told to have a legal state, freedom of the media, to have a professional administration… However, for these things, I understand why the anger of citizens, and this is not the first time this has happened to us,” Pendarovski said in an interview with TV Sitel.


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