Mickoski: Together with the people, let’s rise Macedonia above this apathy and darkness


VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski has congratulated September 8-Independence Day, saying it is a crown of the Macedonian struggle for freedom, statehood and independence.

“This day is a realization of the dreams of thousands of sons and daughters of the Ilinden and World War II struggles, who gave their lives for Macedonia. Their legacy continues today and we have the task for perserve it for future generations, because Macedonia is our home,” said Mickoski.

The opposition leader says the will of an overwhelming majority of the people to live in independent Macedonia was fulfilled in 1991.

“Those generations dreamt of progress and a proud country that is an equal member of the European family. However, that dream has faded over the years and present generations are living the darkest years of crime, corruption by the authorities. Nevertheless, this is a day of hope and struggle for Macedonia, a struggle that will never end. This nation will fight off every challenge and the sun of freedom and prosperity will rise again over Macedonia. Happy Independence Day! Long live Macedonia!,” stressed Mickoski.

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