Pendarovski on Independence Day: Long live the republic!


The sense of existence of the republic is to achieve together what we had not been able to do separately – freedom, justice, economic wellbeing and coexistence. Every success of the Macedonian state has until now been a result of joint efforts but also almost every systemic failure a consequence of disregarding that principle. Long live the Macedonian republic and happy Independence Day, says President Stevo Pendarovski in a video-greeting on September 8-Independence Day.

“Thirty-two years ago, we remember the words of the first President Kiro Gligorov ‘let me congratulate to you all a free, sovereign and independent Macedonia’. Throughout the years, we have witnessed success and failure, some even on this very day. Success brought us joy but cases of systemic abuse and failure have shattered the trust in institutions and state. Those who least contributed to this situation – the students, the ill, the poor and the youth – are paying the price. Solidarity and empathy have given room to selfishness and apathy, and this is an environment where people do not want to live in,” said Pendarovski.


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