Kaevski: EU membership brings higher salaries and pensions, and the blockade brings economic uncertainty


SDSM’s economic policies in the past years have created a favorable business climate and conditions for raising salaries and pensions, for improving the standard of citizens.

In just one year, we have a record inflow of 753 million euros of direct foreign investments, parallel to the largest increase in the minimum wage, the average wage and pensions.

SDSM kept its promise and increased the minimum wage from MKD 8,000 during DPMNE to MKD 21,000. We increased the average salary from MKD 20,000 to MKD 36,000. We also increased the average pension by 60% and the minimum pension by 47%.

With EU membership, salaries, pensions, investments will increase drastically. The states that joined the Union, in the first 5 years, have up to a 100 percent salary increase for the workers”, the SDSM spokesperson said at a press conference

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