The fight against corruption in the country hasn’t improved, there’s lack of a legal conclusion to cases related to corruption


The situation with the fight against corruption in the country hasn’t improved, on the contrary, the institutions implemented only 10 percent of the measures aimed at reducing risks, said the head of the State Commission for the Prevention of Corruption (SCPC) Biljana Ivanovska in an interview for Radio Free Europe.

Ivanovska voiced her dissatisfaction with the measures implemented thus far, as well as over the lack of a legal conclusion to cases related to corruption.

The SCPC head stressed the low level of implemented activities that are foreseen by the action plan from the National Strategy.

“Unfortunately, we can’t conclude that we have an improved situation in the country, i.e., that we’ve made progress in the fight. The activities implemented by the institutions, foreseen by the action plan of the National Strategy, serve as an indicator for this. We adopted the National Strategy in an inclusive way, with the involvement of the institutions themselves, which provided recommendations on how to overcome the risks of corruption. After the adoption of the National Strategy, it remained to the institutions to adopt measures. In 2021, only 20 percent [of measures] were implemented, while this year’s reports notes that in 2022 only 10 percent were implemented. This shows a lack of willingness and capacity, but above all a willingness in the institutions themselves, to implement the activities. In such conditions, I can’t say that the situation has been improved,” said Ivanovska.

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