Customs seized a Serbian bus that contained a “bunker” for hiding goods (PHOTO/VIDEO)


At the Tabanovce border crossing for exiting the country on Saturday, the Macedonian Customs seized a bus driving a regular route to Skopje – Belgrade, in which a special “bunker” for hiding goods was discovered. According to the legal provisions, the bus has been seized, informs the Customs Administration.

The bus was selected for a detailed inspection by the customs inspectors from the department of operational affairs at the Control and Investigations Department, during which partitions were seen in the part of the driver’s bed where an opening was made from which it is possible to access hard-to-access parts at the back of the bus.

The opening was closed with a metal partition, and a wooden panel with upholstery was placed on it, which represents a specially adapted space – bunker, for the purpose of smuggling goods.


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