Draft Law on Amnesty after fast-track procedure, full release from prison up to 6 months – no pardon for serious crimes


The Ministry of Justice has prepared a proposal for the Law on Amnesty, which enables the release and reduction of prison sentences for light crimes. It is expected to be adopted at the next session of the Government. The proposed law was also submitted to the coordinators of the MP groups in Parliament, who should give their comments and suggestions. The goal is to lower the crowds in penitentiary institutions considering the fact that the situation there in the past period is alarming, and this was highlighted in numerous international reports as well as by the Committee against Torture within the Council of Europe.

The law proposes that persons who have been sentenced to prison for up to 6 months be completely exempted from serving the sentence. Convicted persons who have been sentenced to prison for more than six months are released from serving 30% of the total sentence imposed by a final verdict.

The amnesty does not apply to persons who have been sentenced to life imprisonment, for the crime of murder, for crimes against elections and voting, against gender freedom and gender morality, against the state, against humanity and international law, for the crimes of abuse of office and authority” from Article 353, “Reckless work in the service” from Article 353-c, all of the Criminal Code, for crimes against public order from Articles 394 to 394-d of the Criminal Code, as well as for crimes committed while performing of domestic violence and gender-based violence.

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