Greek company to build the Chebren hydropower plant – it will cost EUR 1 billion


At the 185th session Thursday, the Government of North Macedonia adopted a decision enabling the realization of the reversible hydropower plant Chebren, one of the largest energy projects in the country.

The estimated value of the investment, according to the Government, is around EUR 1 billion, and it foresees the construction of a reversible hydropower plant Chebren, with installed capacity of at least 333 megawatts. As a result, a new artificial lake will be created on CrnaReka, which will be the largest one in the country. Once the design is completed, and the necessary documents are secured, the construction is set to begin and is expected to last seven years.

“At the 185th session, the Government adopted a decision for the selection of the most favorable offer for the concession of the use of water for the production of electricity with the construction of a hydropower plant on CrnaReka which is being granted to PUBLIC POWER CORPORATION S.A. – Greece & ARCHIRODON GROUP N.V. – Greece, in line with the tender documentation and the concession agreement,” said the Government.

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