State Cardiovascular Clinic performs the aortic arch stent method for the first time


At the PHI State Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic in Skopje, for the first time in the region, a method of placing a stent on the arch of the aorta was performed, which will enable easier treatment of patients who are in a more serious state of health, and for whom there is a high risk of death during surgery, the director of the Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic Dr. MarjanShokarovski and Dr. Nikola Lazovski told a press conference on Friday.

“This was an introduction of a new endovascular method that is being performed for the first time in the region, and I can say even more widely, which will enable the treatment of patients who are in a more difficult state of health in a much easier way. It is performed with lighter anesthesia and the hospital stay is shorter,” said the clinic’s director Shokarovski.

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