Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirms the expulsion of three Russian diplomats


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) confirmed the expulsion of three Russian diplomats from the country on September 12.

“On September 12, the Ambassador of the Russian Federation was called to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was handed a diplomatic note, with which three diplomats in the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Skopje were declared as persona non grata. This decision was made after the information received from the competent authorities about activities undertaken that are in violation of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a press release on Saturday.

Information was release on Friday afternoon at the behest of the Russian diplomatic mission in the country on platform X. Then a comment was published by the spokesperson of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova.

In a post on former Twitter now known as X, she pointed out that the declaration of the three diplomats as persona non grata in the country was without giving any reason for such a move by the Macedonian authorities.

Zakharova described the move as “hostile and irresponsible” and said that it would not be left without an answer.

“On September 12, the authorities of North Macedonia, without explaining the reasons, declared three diplomats of the Russian Embassy in Skopje as persona non grata. The irresponsible and hostile step of the authorities of North Macedonia will not go unanswered,” Zakharova tweeted.

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