Stoilkovski: Pendarovski must say who asked him for amnesty


Spokesperson of opposition VMRO-DPMNE Naum Stoilkovski , in relation to the views of Macedonian President Stevo Pendarovski expressed in a TV interview from Friday evening regarding the amnesty and the amendments to the Criminal Code, stressed that the head of state must answer who asked him for amnesty.

“Pendarovski already today must answer who asked him for amnesty? Pendarovski says that he was quote “consulted by some actors on the political scene” about amnesty, so now he must be precise and clear, to state who from politics consulted Pendarovski a few months ago about amnesty?,” said Stoilkovski.

Regarding the allegations presented at Saturday’s VMRO-DPMNE press conference, Pendarovski’s office responded that during this year, on two occasions, proposals were made to consider pardoning certain politicians or to support the adoption of a law on amnesty for current and former politicians.

“Those proposals, through intermediaries, were sent to President Pendarovski by political and security structures that are close to the current opposition, as well as by former politicians,” the head of state’s office said without revealing the identity of the persons who allegedly addressed them nor to whom those requests referred.

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