Macedonian activists in Albania: Don’t distance yourself from the Macedonian fabric, say loudly that we are Macedonians


The two well-known activists for the rights of Macedonians in Albania, Pandi Jani from Pustec, Mala Prespa and Edmond Osmani, from Trebishte, Golo Brdo, asked the Macedonians in this country, before the upcoming population and household census, which starts on Monday, not to succumb to no pressure to declare what they are only – Macedonians.

Edmond Osmani, vice-president of the only Macedonian party in this country, the Macedonian Alliance for European Integration (MAEI) and the head of the administrative unit of Trebishte, neighboring Ostreni, where the Bulgarian vice-president Iliana Jotova stayed two days ago, accompanied by Bulgarian university professors and academics. , says that such visits are regular, but “Bulgarians are looking for discounts” because “we are Macedonians and nothing else”.

It also reminds of the existing Albanian statistics, that this is the 12th census of the population in Albania and that in the past 11, not a single citizen of Albania declared as Bulgarian, but therefore there are Macedonians, Greeks, Roma, Egyptians, Vlachs, Bosniaks. , Serbs, Montenegrins, etc.

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