Ahmeti defends his family’s businesses – they provided everything with their own sweat


According to the head of the ruling DUI, Ali Ahmeti, his family’s businesses, for which affairs were revealed in the media and experts reacted, provided everything with their own sweat.
In an interview with “360 degrees” political show broadcast on Monday evening on MTV, Ahmeti stressed that there was nothing suspicious that a company makes a turnover of 12 million euros in less than a year with a net profit of two and a half million euros for the same period, which was grossed by his son-in-law’s company K.S.A.
“I don’t know the specific data. Kushtrim is my son-in-law, Uskana is my daughter. But the prosecution, the judiciary, no one is pardoned, but all are equal before the law. I don’t think that Kushtrim, my son-in-law, is alone, he is certainly with many other companies. I cannot forbid anyone from my family to have activities. But I let them know one thing, they are equal before the law, like all citizens” said Ahmeti.
However, it is doubtful that Ahmeti stated in the interview that he does not know about the person Erdjan Sulkoski, who was the co-founder of his son-in-law’s company, but is also the co-owner of RKM, along with Ratko Kapushevski, which imports fuel oil for TPP Negotino, which made a turnover of more than a hundred million euros in one year.
I assure you that the Ahmeti family has nothing to do with… what was his name, Erdjan Sulkoski. First time hearing from you. I haven’t even heard such a name,” said Ahmeti.
Erdjan Sulkoski left the company K.S.A. International, in which he was co-owner and co-manager with Ali Ahmeti’s son-in-law less than a month ago, on August 23, 2023.
Ahmeti also defended the companies of his in-law Selaudin Arifi, A.S. Senjak which regularly wins tenders especially in municipalities where DUI has mayors such as Kichevo and annually also makes turnovers and profits of millions of euros, while also defending his son’s band profits of millions of euros, while also defending his son’s businesses.

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