Would Ahmeti have spoken Macedonian if the Albanian opposition had not united?


After yesterday’s interview of Ali Ahmeti, where he struggled to show that he knows the Macedonian language, we want to announce the following:
Maybe it’s time for the next thesis – DUI lets SDSM down and starts a campaign to make the Left and VMRO-DPMNE like it, says the United Albanian Opposition, which includes the Alternativa and Democratic Movement parties, as well as the BESA Movement.
“Is the protection of illegally acquired property dearer to DUI offenders since the beginning of the EU negotiations? What’s next, the team around Ahmeti to become committees? The prize question is whether Ahmeti would have spoken Macedonian if the Albanian opposition had not united?” the Albanian opposition parties asked.
They say that “this political perversion of DUI will be punished by the Albanians. Neither SDSM nor VMRO-DPMNE decides, but the Albanians decide who will represent their vote after the next elections”

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