Eurovia won another tender worth over EUR 1 million to regulate part of the drainage channel in Arachinovo


The company for construction, trade and services Eurovia based in Zhelino will regulate a part of the drainage channel in Arachinovo for more than 1 million euros. The Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning chose this company in the tender that required the lowest offer.
The value of the contract is MKD 63,888,215 or EUR 1,038,833.
Two other companies Vardargradba from Trubarevo and Lendi Group from Skopje participated in the tender, but the well-known donor of DUI got the job.
According to what was published on the e-procurement portal, the highest bid received in the tender was MKD 65,906,067, and the lowest bid was MKD 55,142,554.

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