Mexhiti refreshes Pendarovski’s memory: Gruevski’s return was negotiated on May 9, at the initiative of the ruling parties


President Stevo Pendarovski’s office negotiated the return of former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski on May 9 – the day when the victory over fascism and Europe Day is celebrated, said Izet Mexhiti, leader of the newly formed Democratic Movement party and former DUI official.
Mexhiti claims that it is not true that someone from the opposition asked President Pendarovski to pardon Gruevski, but that it was done at the initiative of the ruling parties.
Mexhiti stressed that he and the Albanian opposition have facts about who was at the meeting with Pendarovski to negotiate the return of Gruevski, also mentioning the day when this meeting took place.
“It doesn’t take much for the president of the country to confirm that. It was on Europe Day in his office. So yes, we know what we are talking about,” said Mexhiti.

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