Stoilkovski: Millionaire Ljushev, a friend of SDSM’s Kovachevski, hired his wife as the director of a sector, in a normal country he would have resigned for nepotism


Just as the closeness of the now millionaire Ljushev with Kovachevski is no secret, the scandal with the employment and stellar career of his wife in the same company is no secret either. Millionaire Ljushev probably needs more than 11,500 euros a month in an economic crisis, so he employs his wife as a sector director in Telekom. In any large, normal European company, especially where the state has a stake, and where European norms are valued and corruption and nepotism are avoided, this would be a scandal of enormous proportions that would lead to resignations and withdrawal for moral reasons, VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski told the media on Friday.

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