Fuel coupons, damaged banners – MoI registers violations in pre-election silence


The Macedonian Ministry of Interior informs that during the pre-election silence, it registered incidents of violation of voters’ freedom of choice, distribution of vouchers, etc. In all the cases mentioned, appropriate measures were taken by police officers.
On 07.05.2024 E.D. from Krnjevo reported that three persons from the SEC came to the home, in order for his grandfather to exercise the right to vote from polling station no. 2828. E.D. he suspected that it was not the people from the SEC, because they were not notified beforehand and five people were supposed to be present. The Skopje Interior Department takes measures and activities to clean up the event.
On 07.05.2024, in coordination with the Kumanovo PPO, actions were taken in connection with an event that a person from Kriva Palanka distributed vouchers for filling fuel at a gas station to several citizens from Kriva Palanka. A search of the premises of the gas station was carried out, where in the presence of J.J. and M.G. five fuel vouchers worth 1,000 denars each with the stamped date of 08.05.2024 and one fuel voucher worth 2,000 denars, six fiscal receipts were found, and in the bag carried by the employee were found two fuel vouchers worth 1,000 denars each and a fiscal account. B.S., S.M., M.G., and M.D., all from Kriva Palanka, were summoned to the premises of the Kriva Palanka PPO due to an official interview and measures are being taken to clear up the case.

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