Is the Government putting Macedonia in partnership with the Bulgarian mafia?


Did the Government with ArtanGrubi’s signature open the door to the criminal money of the Bulgarian underground and put Macedonia in partnership with the Bulgarian mafia?, askedspokesperson of VMRO-DPMNE NaumStoilkovski at a press briefing on Tuesday.

“After a series of interpretations and circumventions of the laws, the Government quietly, with ArtanGrubi’s signature, allowed the opening of new video lotteries, i.e. online gambling, this summer!Is the company that will work in partnership with the Macedonian government the online casino from Bulgaria?

Is this company not known as a company of the Bulgarian underground, of the group of the famous VasilBoshkov, the so-called Skull, known to the law in Bulgaria, who lives in Dubai?” asked Stoilkovski.

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