Two convicted in the “Monster” case will go free if the Amnesty Law is passed!


Haki and Fejzi Aziri, both convicted of aiding in the “Monster” case, will be released if Krenar Lloga’s new amnesty law of is passed in Parliament, TV 24 reported.

The Aziri duo was sentenced to 9 and 15 years in prison for aiding after the liquidation of four boys and an adult man near the Smilkovo lake, but with the law that was pushed into the Government by the Minister of Justice Loga, and the Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski claimed that it was only for those convicted of minor crimes, they will go free.

TV 24 received a part of the list of convicts who will leave the Idrizovo prison if the amnesty law passes in the Parliament, Haki Aziri is on it, but Fejzi Aziri’s lawyer, Naser Raufi, claims that he is also definitively leaving the Idrizovo prison.

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