Double standards of the eco activists who are against the Ilovica-Shtuka mine – Is there interest involved here too?


After the Government’s decision to withdraw from the previous administrative merger of the two concessions for the Ilovica-Shtuka mine, the public is increasingly saying that some of the activists who oppose the opening of the mine are working for someone else’s interests, which have nothing to do with health protection, environment and agriculture.
The Health and Work initiative announced that due to several well-motivated vocal opponents of the construction of the Ilovica-Shtuka mine, the local population and the entire Macedonian public do not have access to all relevant information regarding the technological process for the construction of the mine.
The initiative asks who has a company that works for the needs of a mine that exploits copper less than 50 kilometers away from Ilovica-Shtuka and is it true that if this mine opens, the previous copper mine will suffer serious financial damages?

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