Mickoski: The pressure from the Bulgarian dictate for constitutional changes is actually a defense of Russian positions in Bulgarian politics


Why am I talking about a Bulgarian dictate? Because our people are victims of Russian interests in the Balkans, because the Macedonian identity has been a victim of Russian interests in the Balkans twice in the past, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski in an interview with the “Click Plus” show.
“Once with the San Stefano Agreement, which was canceled with the Berlin Congress, at that time Bulgaria was not a country at all and then Russia stood behind Bulgarian interests and allowed today’s Macedonia to be annexed to Bulgaria. The second time is when Bulgaria leaves the Bled Agreement by order of Stalin, and the third time, when Kovachevski signs the Annex to the Agreement on Good-Neighborhood with Bulgaria with Kiril Petkov,” Mickoski said.
Mickoski pointed out that “at that time there was no dilemma for anyone when Pirin Macedonia would join Macedonia. During the Informburo, Stalin, along with the then Bulgarian leadership, decided that Bulgaria should leave that agreement and abolish the rights to cultural autonomy”.

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