Largest private photovoltaic power plant in the Balkans Novaci starts production


The largest private photovoltaic plant in the Balkans FEC Novaci was officially put into operation today. It has a capacity of 55 megawatts and a projected annual production of 85,000 megawatt hours of electricity. The investment is in the amount of 40 million euros and is owned by the company Mey Energy. The photovoltaic plant covers 57 hectares in the municipality of Novaci.
The plant will meet the annual electricity needs of 30,000 families.
Mey Energy General Manager Shefket Demirovski stated that their capacity in Novaci was completely designed and built by domestic companies.
The construction works for the construction of the photovoltaic plant started last year in November. It consists of 101,062 photovoltaic panels. Its operational period of work is 25 years.

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